Claire Bernagaud

Ingénium Digital Learning

Ernesto Exposito

Université Pau & Pays de l'Adour (UPPA)

Jean-Paul Manigand

Marine Nationale

Pierre Radlovic

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Sébastien introduces the conference with a review of the most recent trends in the field of Learning Data, and provide an update on the TRAX project.

Sébastien Fraysse

xAPI projects at LORIA

Azim shares its experience using TRAX LRS in several research projects at LORIA (CNRS, University of Lorraine, INRIA) in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and learners profiling.

Azim Roussanaly

NaaS project at ISAE-SUPAERO

Laurent presents the "Nuggets as a Service" project (NaaS), an innovative ecosystem to manage micro-contents developped at ISAE-SUPAERO. The contents repository integrates with TRAX LRS in order to collect learning data.

Laurent Dairaine

Coffee Break


TRAX LRS at Marine Nationale

Jean-Paul shares its return of experience in conducting projects based on TRAX LRS at Marine Nationale (French Navy): experiments, use cases, issues and perspectives.

Jean-Paul Manigand

IFCAM: collecting learning data from multiple sources

Jacky shows how the university of Groupe Crédit Agricole (IFCAM) uses TRAX LRS to collect learning data accross multiple sources, including several external platforms.

Jacky Turpin
Lunch Break


The next major release of TRAX LRS is currently in development. Sébastien explains why he thinks this will be the most innovative release of TRAX LRS so far.

Sébastien Fraysse

Ingenium: adaptive learning for healthcare workers

Claire explains how they use Moodle with 2D, virtual reality and TRAX LRS in order to provide an adaptive learning experience for healthcare workers, based on mistakes, debriefings and retries.

Claire Bernagaud

"Speak With Data", by Solunea

The Solunea team presents "Speak With Data", a plug-and-play solution to collect learning data. A concrete example with Nexity which uses Wordpress as a learning platform, as well as TRAX LRS to store learning data.

Romain Marion, Yann Lescurat, Pierre Radlovic, Guillaume Ravix

Coffee Break


UPPA: learning analytics & hybrid instruction

Ernesto presents a research project focusing on the role of Learning Analytics in the context of hybrid instruction. He shows how they design hybrid courses in the perspective of collecting and analysing learning data.

Ernesto Exposito

SAMSEI: using xAPI in first aid training

Romain presents a research project experimenting hybrid instruction strategies, mixing face-to-face and distance learning, immersing students and collecting learning data from various sources.

Romain Mougenot

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